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Point1. What is steam perm system?

There is a dry heat and moist heat to the heating method. Nanoaqua lite uses steam heat with 40 ~ 60 창왚 that
can enhance the penetration of perm lotions without causing hair damage.
Because of these advantages, Nanoaqualite can bring beautiful curl style with excellent uniformity.

Point2. No stress to hair

Nanoaqua lite is really safe for use since it uses low temperature steam heating process with 40 ~ 60창왚 that does not impose
a burden on hair. Hair can be effectively heated even with the lower tempera ture than classical hot perm system and
long-lasting curl with soft touchiness can be obtained without hair damage.
Additionally, you can significantly reduce both time and electric power for perm.

Point3. Perm ratio is up

Since Nanoaqua lite can provide uniform curl without hair damage, any kinds of hair style you have in mind is possible.
Easy to propose perm to your customers and easy to provide perm style as they want.
From the salon test results with more than 1,000 people,it is shown that once they experience Nanoaqua lite,
they tend to be the repeater of that. You can increase the average customer spend and
also customers of perm via word-of-mouth communication.

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