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Liscio Crystal Benefits

Discover New Japanese Retexturizing

The days of long processing and pin-straight hair have passed. Liscio Crystal and Zero revolutionize hair texture. Delight your clients with Liscio Japanese retexturizing in as little as 45 minutes!

  • - Permanent retexturizing results
  • - Natural bounce and volume
  • - Healthy shine that only LISCIO can deliver
  • - Retouch needed only every 6-8 months
  • - Versatile finishes from silky straight to smooth curls
  • - Always Formaldehyde-free




Achieve 3 different finishes with only one product!


LISCIO Hair Straightening for curly, unmanageable hair clients.
Results in straight hair and recommended retouch every 6-8 months. Total service time: 3 hours
LISCIO Smooth Control for clients with finer hair type and inconsistent waves and
frizz who want easier blow styling. Hair becomes smooth with body and manageable.
Recommended retouch twice a year. Total service time: 2 hours (or less)
LISCIO Straight Variations clients with thick, bulky hair who want to keep
their curls and reduce the bulkiness for easy manageability.
Recommended retouch twice a year. Total service time: 1 hour (or less)



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