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The CMC stands for Cell Membrane Complex.

It is also sometimes called Lamellar Structure because its structure.
CMC is a very important lipid which unite cortex and cortex inside of the hair, cuticle and cuticle outside of the hair.

This NanoAmino series form shampoo and Treatment,Professional USE D-CTL, to leave in treatments all products contain Nano CMC. The CMC glues cuticle and cuticle or each cortex inside of the hair, but also has important function.
The CMC holes moisture in the hair and it is the route of the bath like color and perm solutions. Cuticle CMC (18 MEA) breaks easily, and inside CMC also breakes easily by coloring perm.
Once the hair loses CMC, water (moisture) will lose then the protein will lose. Therefore, to fix the hair every time you do something to your hair is the most important treatment of the hair.
You need to use each step of the NanoAmino products to replace the CMC, you are losing by blowdries, coloring, perming,relaxing etc.

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