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Japanese straightening

What Is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is a new technique that makes frizzy, curly or wavy hair pin -straight without causing much damage to your hair. Unlike using a flat iron to temporarily straighten your hair, Japanese hair straightening actually makes your hair stay straight – permanently. However, when your roots grow out, they’ll grow out curly, not straight. Only hair whose surface has actually undergone the treatment will be permanently straight. When your roots start to grow in, you can go in to SEMA HAIR salon for a touch up, which will make the roots straight, too.

How Long Does Japanese Hair Straightening Last?

The hair that’s actually treated with the Japanese hair straightening process will stay straight forever (i.e., until you cut it off!), but your roots are going to grow in curly. Depending on how fast your hair grows, that means you may have to go in to your salon to get your roots touched up every six months or so, or maybe even longer.

Q: What kind of hair is suitable for Japanese Hair Straightening?

A: Most hair types except hair, as the hair is too fragile and cannot withstand the heat.
These types include:
Caucasian Hair.
Asian Hair.
Middle Eastern Hair.
Norwegian Hair.
Latin Hair.
All other Hair types.

Q: What will my hair look like after the Straightening?

A: Your hair will be straight, shinier and will feel soft and silky.

Q: I have color in my hair, will that matter?

A: Tints and semi-permanent hair color that deposit color are not usually any problem at all. If you have had your hair dyed black, please let your Stylist know as this can sometimes create problems.

Q: What other names are used to describe Japanese Hair Straightening?

A: Japanese Hair Straightening, Japanese Straightening, Ionic Retexturizing, Thermal Restructuring, Rebonding, Thermal Reconstruction.

Q: When I go back for the re-growth, does it cost less?

A: Not usually. Because the same amount of time is involved with the retouch, often the cost will be the same as the first Straightening. All the hair still has to be ironed even though the solution is mainly on the roots.

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